Donate 1.5% of your tax to children in foster care

We want to support the talents of children and young people in foster care institutions together. Include the foundation's National Court Register number in your tax declaration.

KRS: 0000497957

Why choose Fundacja Dobrych Inicjatyw?

Talent has more value than money!

Get to know the good people of our foundation's campaign.


I'm Ewa and I'm 21 years old. I am studying sociology in Białystok. I am currently working on my bachelor's thesis on the stigmatization of individuals from excluded backgrounds (based on foster care institutions). In retrospect, I see that my studies have allowed me to have a more detailed perspective on the world around me.
At the same time, my heart holds a passion for theater. This profession is involuntary therapy and an opportunity to meet interesting personalities.
I really enjoy sports; they help me relieve stress. I have been training Muay Thai for two years. My favorite movie is "The Truman Show."


I'm Kuba and I live near Siedlce. I am learning carpentry but my true passion is music. I taught myself to play the guitar and I'm also developing my vocal skills. It's a way for me to express myself, share my emotions and experiences.
My favorite artist is Oskar Cyms. I also love the Spanish Netflix series 'La Casa De Papel.' It's great to watch the rebellious fight for a more just world, especially with a bit of action. Bella ciao!

How will we use the 1.5% tax money?

Time for a system change

We support our charges in becoming independent. We strive for legislative changes that will extend support for institutional foster care residents after they turn 18.

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We support our charges individually

We work with our charges individually in therapy, investing in their talents and addressing their needs. We run a scholarship program!

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We collaborate with institutions

We strengthen the infrastructure and material facilities of partner foster care institutions. We work towards aligning educational and developmental programs with European standards.

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We are a Public Benefit Organization. You can verify us in the register of public benefit organizations entitled to receive 1.5% of personal income tax for the year 2022. The register is maintained by the National Institute of Freedom. You can also find us in the Public Benefit Organization register on the portal.

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