Young Managers of tomorrow

20 marca 2022

Are there future managers among the wards of residential care institutions? Do talents like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, or Steve Jobs hide among them? Maybe they do, maybe they don’t… Ultimately, it doesn’t concern us that much, because the objective of the „Junior Project Manager, it’s me!” program, which we are implementing in collaboration with Lenovo, is not so much about searching for and supporting „gems,” but rather about cultivating managerial attitudes among this group of young people who have faced challenges in life.

What is this „Junior Project Manager, it’s me!” educational program all about?

We are aware that over 50% of the residents of residential care institutions return to dysfunctional environments after leaving the facility, and over 30% register as unemployed, at a time when the unemployment rate in Poland is just over 6%. Data from the Supreme Audit Office (Najwyższa Izba Kontroli) indicate that we still face the challenge of effectively supporting young people during their stay in the facility to give them a real chance for a better start.

As part of a series of original workshops, we demonstrate to young people how projects are carried out. Anyone working in a marketing agency, research institution, or non-governmental organization understands the concept of a project. A project has its beginning, end, crisis points, and a clear goal, for which a project team led by a leader is responsible. It’s beneficial to have a budget, schedule, and outlined processes for this… even if it’s just a draft. Let’s roughly say that these constitute the framework of our project. This is precisely what we aim to illustrate step by step to our residents.


What do we actually do?

Once we’ve successfully conveyed knowledge to the youth about what a project entails, we provide them with 500 PLN (~120 EUR). No, no, no… this isn’t a reward for them, nor even a thank you for participating in the workshops and sacrificing their free weekends to meet with us. This 500 PLN (~120 EUR) serves as their capital for implementing their first-ever social project.

And now, let’s take a moment to consider what a social project actually entails. Essentially – to put it briefly – it’s just a project (as described above), but its goal is to help others. That’s all, and that’s enough.

And so the fun begins!

With 500 PLN (~120 EUR) at their disposal, the youth develop an original idea for a social project from start to finish, which they then implement. All of this occurs with the silent support of The Foundation for Good Initiatives and our volunteers from Lenovo, but the young people are accountable for the final outcome. They set SMART goals, create the project budget, logistics, processes, delegate tasks, and choose a project leader among themselves. In short, they put into practice the knowledge they have acquired with us over the past few months.

It’s not easy with us

If the goal of the project is to support the local animal shelter, then our project team can’t just go to the store or order pet food from an online marketplace for 500 PLN (~120 EUR), because that’s not a project. They have to outline tasks, talk to directors of local schools, organize donation drives, prepare informational posters, and arrange transportation. Yes, that’s a project that has been successfully implemented. The youth from Marwica supported animals in need, children from Kisielan restored a common play space, youth from Warsaw held a „Smile Day” for Warsaw residents in Ochota, and yet others developed a social campaign aimed at supporting lonely and needy seniors.

And thus, the Easter action was born, which we later renamed Senior Package (Paczka Dla Seniora). In 2020 alone, within the framework of this initiative, we supported over 500 seniors from several provinces. These are our youths from the institutions. These are the volunteers we have. These are the endeavors we undertake. There is potential! Please support us!


Our mission

In accordance with our MISSION, we aim to advocate for children and young people who may not know how to advocate for their own rights. Aligned with our VISION, we strive for every child under institutional foster care in Poland to have access to cutting-edge solutions at a level approaching European standards in terms of support and equalizing educational and developmental opportunities, thereby maximizing their abilities, potential, and talents. Our GOAL is to develop and implement proven educational and developmental solutions within the Foster Care Academy by 2030.

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