Paczka dla Seniora

Who wants to join the campaign against economic exclusion and loneliness of elders? This year, for the ninth time before Easter, we are providing aid packages to seniors.

Elderly individuals are custodians of life experience, which is the most valuable capital in the world. It is an ideal starting position for exchange!

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The history of the "Paczka dla Seniora" campaign

Against loneliness

Relationships are very important in this campaign. Paczka dla Seniora is an anti-poverty initiative, but it is the visits of the volunteers who bring these packages that constitute the most valuable capital. The hospitality of elders knows no class or economic boundaries, as long as you can drink tea, talk and hug each other.

Businesses support seniors!

Are you a representative of a business and interested in addressing the needs of seniors? Well, you're in luck! The "Paczka dla Seniora" campaign provides an excellent opportunity to turn your values into action. You can donate products for seniors and gain experience as a socially responsible company.

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Bartłomiej Jojczyk

president of the board of the foundation

Gain experience!

Join us to gain experience in helping others and get involved in creating assistance packages for seniors. So, what are you waiting for?

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