Who won the 6th edition of #ChoinkaDobrychSerc ?

30 marca 2023

The 6th edition of the #ChoinkaDobrychSerc (Christmas Tree of Good Hearts) campaign is behind us, and social solidarity emerged as the winner! The event was exciting, even though everyone – volunteers, organizers, and the wards of the foundation – played on the same team. What was the final score? 439 presents!

In competitions where only „Good Hearts” participate, there is no need for a referee to enforce fair play rules. We didn’t have to call upon Szymon Marciniak from the World Cup because everyone knew the meaning of team spirit. Together, we organized an event for children in institutional foster care. Is it shameful to admit that we ourselves had a truly festive time? Definitely not, especially since shared experiences effectively build community. The theme of this year’s final (which was sports) allowed us to more deeply understand the valuable spiritual resources we possess.

1:0; children score first!

It is obvious that the whole team plays, but it is very difficult to play well without shining stars. During the 6th final, over 200 of our wards from foster care institutions all over Poland came to participate. They were our shining stars at the top of the „Christmas Tree”.

In competitions where only „Good Hearts” participate, there is no need for a referee to enforce fair play rules.

Such a strong group had to deliver excitement during the Christmas sports competitions, including table tennis with ski gloves or mini-hockey. Only 3 teams could stand on the podium, but the competition did not overcome the holiday spirit. All participants were winners of kindness and good mood. Sports effectively release tension, making it easier to endure the moments of waiting for Santa Claus, who drives his sleigh slowly, to not drop any of the 439 presents. As fans and organizers (in one), we are happy that we could spend time together among so many good hearts. We are able to find inspiration, energy to act, and once again remind ourselves of the reasons for our work throughout the year – reasons that sparkle with talents, sensitivity, resourcefulness, and warmth like the brightest stars.

Volunteers raise the score to 2:0

Passing directly to the striker is often criticized tactics, which is why it’s always worth building your game around valuable midfielders. #ChoinkaDobrychSerc could not have taken place without the support of volunteers. Recruited both through individual talent scouting and as part of employee volunteering, they performed exceptionally well. It’s wonderful that we managed to build a team that operates in such diverse areas and is capable of making qualitative changes. Help came from the artistic flank; music and photography, and also from the midfield in the gingerbread zone and in catering. The roles were so diverse that no commentator could name everyone who contributed to winning this final during a single match. However, enormous thanks are due to all of them!

Our partners score from a distance!

Although we maintain ball possession throughout the year, no Christmas trick would succeed without the support of our partners. During the #ChoinkaDobrychSerc campaign, top scoring companies approached us and helped us score goals. The J. Piłsudski Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw took honorary patronage of the event and evoked the spirit of sportsmanship. Warsaw’s EXPO XXI Center, as a key partner, once again provided event space. LOTTE Wedel, Warsaw hotels; Ibis, Sofitel, Novotel, Mercure, Lenovo Technology B.V., Colgate-Palmolive, Société Générale S.A., Linklaters, JACOBS, Mattel, Asbud Group, MoneyGram, Piekarnie Lubaszka, Putka, and Lasy Państwowe (State Forests) – they all took care of even the smallest detail, from lighting to sweet rolls, from a special cake made by Chocolate Maestro Janusz Profus to 5 fragrant forest Christmas trees!




And although at Fundacja Dobrych Inicjatyw we try to avoid stadium spotlights, giving more room on the field to the other participants, we have to say one thing: it is very, very nice to be a coach in such circumstances and with such people around!

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